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Franchise Investment

With every meaningful entrepreneurship opportunity comes investment, and we are proud to say that 9 out of 10 TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchisees report they would invest in the award-winning, service-based franchise again.

Not only does this investment help make a difference in the lives of our customers – it also trickles down to the team members at our franchises, too.

With our specially-designed career development courses and tracks, team members are encouraged to grow in their professional careers through various frontline and management programs, taking the final step to become a franchisee with participation in the Mary Ellen’s Moving People Forward® Scholarship program. We’re proud of our franchisees who welcome professional growth among their teams by encouraging our Stickmen University courses and programs for all careers to flourish, whether that’s within our system or elsewhere.

As you’re researching our brand, and the opportunity piques your interest, give us a call to learn about our more than 200 available full and mini-market territories and see how you can make a difference in the lives around you.

Start-up costs

Initial investment

Most potential franchisees are looking for a target initial investment. To get your franchise off the ground, mini-market start-up costs typically run between $100k and $192k and standard market start-up costs run between $179k and $585k depending on several variables including authority fees which vary by state, store location and trucks.

Net worth

Mini market minimum requirements are $80,000 in liquid assets and $160,000 in net worth. Standard marketing area capital requirement is $150,000 in liquid assets and $400,000 in net worth.

Your two most important assets are people and trucks! This initial investment outlays business costs of training, insurance, six months of working capital, and licensing costs at both a local and national level. We also partner with various vendors for the best business opportunities for our franchisees - we don’t take incentives for business deals, but pass the savings on. We let you decide if you want to buy or lease new or used trucks, and can work with recommended suppliers for whichever option works best in your business.

Access to Capital

Franchise Business Review 2019 Logo

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is now a verified member of FRANdata’s Franchise Registry, a list of high-performing and lender-friendly franchise brands that are ideal to invest in.

SBA loans

As part of the investigative process, we ensure you are financially equipped to go through the funding process with the SBA, bank, or a financial institution. With the average startup cost ranging from $100,000 to $585,000, you have many options to help fund your franchise investment. 

Vet Fran participation

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is a franchise brand which passionately supports our country’s heroes. We are members of the Vet Fran Association and work together to provide access and opportunities in franchising to our nation’s veterans. As members of Vet Fran, we provide our Veterans of the U.S. armed forces and their spouses a 10% discount on the $50,000 franchise fee.

Get Started

Speak to a franchise development team member today about this exciting opportunity. We want to ensure this potential partnership meets both of our expectations. We will walk you through more detailed franchise information, have you meet the team at our corporate headquarters, and if you choose to move forward, work with you to get resources in place, leading to a successful experience for everyone.