Veterans find easy transition into business ownership through franchising with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK

You don’t have to look very far around the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® family to find the presence of veterans working at every level of our franchise system.

From movers and drivers to trainers, office staff, managers, and franchise owners, you’ll find a large number of veterans helping moving customers forward each day across our more than 400 franchise locations. For nearly four decades, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK has prided itself on offering a transition back into normal work life for veterans, especially with the franchisee opportunity.

A team-oriented environment, daily objectives for customer service excellence, and a continued focus on business growth are all traits that veterans have found appealing about life at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. For those who become franchisees with our brand, it is a style of work that fits what they’re used to, allowing them to find comfort in their life after their service.

“You get a much better feeling of comradery with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK than really any other work I’ve had outside of the military, and I think that is something many former veterans miss when they get to the civilian world,” said Terry Bruns, a form USAF electronics technician who is currently the franchisee for two locations in Idaho. “I personally identified with the values and the mission we have here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, and I have a feeling many other former military personnel would have a similar connection.”

The connection Bruns feels to the goals and mission statement of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is a sentiment reflected by many veterans who work within TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, regardless of their role.

Whether it’s the discipline required to work every day or the sense of teamwork everyone feels within a franchise, there are plenty of similarities to life in the military that can provide a sense of familiarity and comfort.

“The most significant things that come to mind are the discipline necessary to succeed, the team-oriented environment, the constant development of teammates and subordinates, and the variability of days from one to the next, and the tangible sense of accomplishment you have when you’re done with a move or mission,” said Jeremy Brown, a multi-unit franchisee with locations in Delaware and Maryland who served in the United States Air Force as a missile maintainer.

While TWO MEN AND A TRUCK prides itself on offering a working environment conducive to veterans and their past experiences, the brand also goes a little bit further to encourage veterans to franchise with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK.

Since 2005, we’ve offered a veterans incentive to new franchisees through the organization VetFran, which gives 10% off the cost of franchise fees to assist veterans with the startup process, helping them get off the ground quicker and with less financial restrictions. It’s a small but impactful offering, and many veterans have been able to capitalize on it when beginning their franchise journey.

“It meant a lot to me,” Bruns said. “Taking the big step of opening a business can feel like a huge step and knowing that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK appreciates the time you served your country enough to offer the discount was very meaningful.”

“The amount of money needed to open a franchise was a significant amount for me. I had never had a high paying job, and it took a lot to save the money needed to open my franchise. The savings from the discount helped me reach the goal much faster and can be looked at as extra money on hand to ensure success.”

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is proud to offer this incentive and encourages any veteran looking to enter the world of business ownership to inquire about this offering and see if it fits with them personally.

Those who have started their franchise journey with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK point to the way our franchise system operates as one of their favorite aspects of running a moving franchise, and it’s why so many recommend it to others interested in franchising.

“One of the most consistent themes across the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK brand is the willingness and desire to promote and develop leaders from within,” Brown said. “Nearly all franchise owners are looking for leaders to develop and when you look across the system, most franchisees today started at the entry level. Degrees, certifications, and resumes aren’t the differentiator; rather, work ethic and the willingness to learn and lead are what can set you apart at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, and I know that these are traits veterans hold in abundance.”