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Moving and Storage Franchise Opportunity

Storage Franchise Opportunities

When you franchise with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, the ability to earn additional revenue for your location doesn’t stop at the moving services we offer.

More and more TWO MEN AND A TRUCK locations are operating as moving and storage franchises, offering a wide-range of storage business for customers. Paired with the moving options we’re already known for, customers receive a multitude of options to take care of their belongings during their transition from one home to the next.

These franchise storage opportunities create a more diverse revenue stream for franchisees, allowing you to earn even more income for your location.

Storage Options

Portable Storage Container

Storage Crates Stacked Up

Whether it’s on-site storage at the franchise location or portable storage with our state-of-the-art mobile storage containers, we can provide flexibility to our customers who are in the middle of home moving, home renovating, or working to downsize their current living situation. 

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Speak to a franchise development team member today about this exciting opportunity. We want to ensure this potential partnership meets both of our expectations. We will walk you through more detailed franchise information, have you meet the team at our corporate headquarters, and if you choose to move forward, work with you to get resources in place, leading to a successful experience for everyone.