Centralized Business Support

Franchise support from our Home Office team is crucial to the success of our brand. This is why we’ve implemented the concept of our Centralized Consulting teams to offer the most efficient, streamlined support system possible to our franchisees and their teams.

The centralized teams enable quicker communication between the franchise and our TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Home Office, and are broken down by regions so franchises get a more personal, individualized approach. All teams are made of subject matter experts from specialized areas at Home Office.

Franchise Business Consultants

Franchise business consultants serve as your main point of contact at Home Office, and work to keep you connected to all aspects of the brand and help your franchise run smoothly.

Franchise Accountants

Franchise accounts help your franchise stay updated with payroll implementation and other finance solutions.

Franchise Recruiting Specialists

Hiring and retaining employees is crucial to the success of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise, and franchise recruiting specialists work with you to implement the best hiring strategies to grow your moving teams.

Franchise Marketing Specialists

A franchise marketing specialist will work with you to develop new and innovative marketing tactics to help expand your business and marketing reach in your community.

Risk Management Specialists

Risk management specialists are here to help you keep your franchise work environment safe for employees and in compliance with OSHA laws.

Sales Specialists

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK sales specialists will work with your teams to make sure you have the most efficient sales strategy in place in an effort to secure jobs and continue to move customers forward.

With team members having backgrounds from these key areas of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK business, you’re able to have multiple people in your corner helping you to work through important details such as franchise goals, revenue growth, move count, profit, and satisfaction scores. These individuals all work together at Home Office, too, allowing them to collaborate when coming up with strategies and solutions.

This centralized consulting model was initiated after a test pilot with franchisees and 100 percent of the members featured in the pilot voted to take this model full-time, showing just how effective it can be and how well-received it was from the people living it each day at our franchises.