Owning A Logistics Franchise – Is It Right For you?

In the world of business ownership, there are many different alternatives to help you achieve the dream of being your own boss, and a common way is through franchising.

Franchising gives you all the perks of owning a business without having to come up with a new idea, saving you the headache of building something from the ground up as you invest into an already established brand and model. There are plenty of industries that offer franchising, including logistics franchise opportunities.

With a logistics franchise, you’re helping people with just that – the logistics of getting from one place to the next. This can include B2C and B2B customers, but the idea is the same: you’re helping them navigate through the ins and outs of getting to a new destination, whether that’s through a personal move or moving items from one business location to the next.

The pros of investing a logistics franchise

When you invest with a logistics franchise brand, you’re able to help people with relocation services and logistical moving operations, which can be a tricky situation for customers and business owners to map out on their own. Relying on your expertise as the logistics franchise, customers can count on you to plan out all the details and get them where they need to go.

The downside to investing in a logistics franchise

While you’re able to offer a unique service as a logistics franchise, you do become limited in what customers can expect from you when they inquire about your services. Most logistics franchises specialize in one thing – relocation – and that’s all they can offer. This makes growing your revenue and expanding your business a little more tricky because it’s such a niche area of business.

Why TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is a better franchise investment

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK  operates as logistics franchises for both residential and business customers with a wide range of service options, particularly long-distance relocation. We offer two unique long-distance moving plans – expedited and crated Value Flex moves – to help customers get across state or across the country. Our national accounts team also works with business professionals and corporations to help with corporate and business relocation plans, giving us another avenue of logistics to specialize in and allowing revenue diversification for franchisees.

As a TWO MEN AN A TRUCK franchisee, helping residential customers complete their home moves while also offering logistics help with long-distance relocation makes you a go-to resource for all things moving, and these diversified revenue streams will help you grow profits and expand your brand.

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