Turnkey Franchise: What To Expect When Investing

For those researching the world of franchising, you’re likely to come across many different business terms and phrases you might not have heard before, including this: turnkey franchise.

What exactly is a turnkey franchise? Simply put, it’s a franchised business that’s ready to go on day one when you open your doors to customers! Plenty of franchised businesses run on this format, as you’re investing in a proven brand with operational best practices and service offerings already in place for you to implement.

For a franchised company like TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, we have a list of requirements for franchisees to complete before opening their doors so that when opening day arrives, they’re able to start moving customers right away.

What are the advantages of turnkey franchise opportunities and what should you know before investing? Let’s review some of the details.

What are the best types of turnkey franchises to invest in?

The best types of turnkey franchises to invest in are opportunities where the brand gives you a set list of requirements to complete so you’re ready to hit the ground running.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK requires franchisees to have the following on day one of operation:

  • Two new moving trucks
  • A physical location (owned or leased)
  • A minimum of $8,000 invested in moving equipment (moving straps, dollies, etc.)

This will ensure the new franchises are  equipped with all the necessary tools to operate and create a positive customer experience once they get customers scheduled.

What are the advantages of turnkey franchise opportunities?

The advantages of this type of business plan are limiting the downtime of getting ready to serve customers that you might experience in other areas of business. With turnkey franchise opportunities, there is no waiting – you’re ready to go out of the gate.

This allows you to start working toward your first-year business goals, establishing a system that works for you within your location, and working to spread brand awareness in your new market.


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